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Harmony Life Family Magazine Publication

The Magazine educates and support the Nigerian Family by providing  solutions to  her problems in a contemporary style.

Age ‘N’ Grace Projects

Tackling Obesity and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) through Health & Fitness activities/ Public Sensitization  on Radio

Save A Child Seminar

Sensitizing Children, Teenagers, Students, and Young Adults on preventive measures against Child Abuse and Trafficking through Seminars and Advocacy.

Helping Africa Families in so many ways

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Harmony Life Family Foundation IKEJA HEALTH & FITNESS WALK

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Harmony Life Family Foundation organized a ‘Health and Fitness Walk’ in the Ikeja axis of Lagos State to mark World Awareness Month for Colon Cancer. The aim is to sensitize the general public on the need for a Healthier Lifestyle against the risks posed by Obesity and other Non-Communicable Diseases […]

Don’t miss our next event

Our Next Event is SACAP (Save A Child Advocacy Project)  in August 2017. Thereafter, Save A Child Seminar on Preventive Measures Against Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking for Secondary Students would come up in November 2017. December 2017 would be Youth Concert Against Violence and Drug Abuse, where some International Artist would be featured. […]

Non Communicable Diseases

These are chronic diseases that cannot be passed from one person to another. NCD’s are long duration and slow progression diseases. Examples are Colon and Breast Cancers, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Strokes etc.  KEY FACTS about NCD’S NCD’s kill about 38million people annually  NCD is a major cause of ‘premature’ deaths under […]

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